Chinese new year facts

Chinese new year facts

Chinese new year facts Here are a few thrilling Chinese New Year Facts which have been chosen and researched via youngsters specially for kids.

Chinese New Year is likewise called Lunar New Year or Spring Festival and celebrated every year in January or February in many countries.

This yr, the primary month of the new lunar 12 months starts in keeping with the Chinese calendar on 16 February 2018.

Many international locations celebrate the new year in step with the Chinese Calendar and no longer most effective to our calendar which is the Gregorian calendar beginning on the 1st of January.

Lunar New Year is an important public vacation for many countries including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan. In many countries, Chinese groups have fun in the metropolis’s ‘Chinatown’ districts.

What is Chinese New Year?
This critical date at the Chinese calendar has been celebrated for plenty centuries. During the festivities ancestors are honoured and conventional ceremonies are held in which people get together and welcome the brand new yr with customs that shall deliver suitable success, appropriate fortune, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The spring pageant festivities for the new yr take 15 days in maximum international locations. The new yr is frequently celebrated with dragon dances, lion dances, gift replacing and fireworks. It ends normally with lantern fairs at the fifteenth day of the primary calendar month. See beneath an image from the Pingxi Sky Festival which is well known in Taiwan every yr to cease the new 12 months’s festivities.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan – photograph by Carlos Huang/shutterstock.Com
Lantern Festival in Taiwan
The Chinese Calendar
The Chinese calendar is ready one month at the back of our (so called Gregorian) calendar as it has between 30 and 50 more days in line with year. And the Chinese zodiac calendar has a cycle of 12 years. The calendar became started on astronomical observations of the moon’s levels.

Each year a Chinese zodiac animal is the image for the yr.

The 12 Chinese zodiac animals are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, fowl, canine, and pig.

Look again at the list of animals! They usually come in the identical order, so 2017 become the year of the poultry and 2019 can be the yr of the pig. Which yr might be 2020? (We percentage the solution at the bottom of the web page beneath ‘Resources’)

Lunar New Year Wishes
People desire each different accurate good fortune, happiness and wealth for the brand new 12 months. The phrases used maximum in precise wishes are: happiness, wealth, prosperity, wealthy, auspicious

‘Gong xi fa cai’ method ‘Have a prosperous new 12 months’

Most not unusual are the Mandarin phrases: Gong Xi Fa Cai (attempt to pronounce it as Gong-she-faa-tsai) and the Cantonese: Gong Hey Fat choy (pronounce it as: Gong Hee Faat Choy) . Both needs imply: Wishing you a rich new year.

Chinese New Year Food
People eat ‘auspicious meals’ all through the new 12 months period. For many, this indicates fish dishes. A fish is a image of right good fortune, wealth and healthful existence.

Dumplings are traditionally eaten at some stage in the festivities. These little spherical rice flour balls are regularly filled with veggies. Mandarin oranges, dried fruit or even sweets are visible as lucky meals. Candy boxes and little spherical shaped biscuits symbolising gold or fortune are served anywhere.

And make sure your plate is never empty, as this would be visible as your success has run out. Food is often organized up to every week before, so one have to no longer use a knife or hearth for cooking on New Years day, as cutting with a knife for many might symbolise ill success.

A famous meals are long noodles that symbolise top fortune as well as a long existence.

Typical ‘suitable success dish’ Yusheng
A usual new 12 months’s dish is Yusheng. This uncooked fish salad with rice or long noodles is eaten at some point of by means of many at some point of the festive period.

Many consume Yusheng at the 7th day of the new 12 months. The dish is a image for wealth and longevity, this fish salad is normally served in a big dish inside the middle of a table, wherein own family individuals and buddies toss the noodles within the large bowl collectively after which devour.

Lunar New Year Traditions
Dragon dances and lion dance fairs will usher in the new 12 months in many cities. Some families can also even invite a dance troupe into their houses as nicely.

Lunar new 12 months’s dragon dance in Vietnam – image by using Saigoneer/shutterstock.Com
Lunar New Year Dragon Dance in Vietnam
Firecrackers are lit as these shall carry good success and fortune. Due to security reasons, firecrackers are banned in lots of areas in recent times and reliable fireworks shows are held alternatively.

On the second day of the brand new year, families will go to every other and quit little gifts. And every so often the family puppies get a gift too!

Gifts are passed cash or little tokens in crimson packets or envelopes as these symbolise prosperity and happiness. Married own family members hand pink envelopes (called hongbao in Mandarin) with money to others to show their goodwill and give benefits for the new year to the other circle of relatives contributors.

Children now and again get oranges, chocolates or cash. Always make certain to provide an even variety of items or in the amount of cash. So always at the least mandarins, packets or two cash. And the quantity eight is taken into consideration an especially lucky or auspicious variety.

Chinese New Year purple packets and oranges – picture: shurtterstock.Com
Typical Lunar New Year gifts
The bright colorings and specially crimson hues are seen as a lucky image, so there are numerous red decorations, lanterns and colourful symbols anywhere. This is supposed to pressure terrible spirits away and attract luck and prosperity for the year to come.

Many humans dress in red for the festivities and frequently buy new clothes to expose that a fresh beginning is well known with the new year. The phrase ‘red’ has the equal sound in Mandarin because the phrase for ‘wealthy’.

Chinese New Year Customs: What no longer to do
There are some regulations when staring at Chinese New Year. For example, scissors and brooms are banned within the cupboards on the first day of Lunar New Year so one does not create bad luck for the yr to come and brush away the coolest success.

Do not wash or reduce your hair on the first days of the Lunar new yr. Washing and cutting hair is visible as a sign of washing and slicing away exact good fortune.

Do not clean your private home with a broom on the primary day of Lunar new 12 months. Cleaning is an indication of swiping away top success – so if one has to easy some thing away, then it have to be accomplished after dark.

Do not do laundry on Chinese New Year. Doing laundry means washing away of exact good fortune and wealth.

Don’t provide items that are black or white in coloration. Also do now not provide clocks or watches or shoes. Watches could imply that time is running out and footwear would mean that one ought to stroll away from the friendship or dating.

Don’t supply presents in uneven numbers.

Don’t get dressed in white or black during this time.

Chinese new year facts
Chinese new year facts

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