Halloween Facebook status

Halloween Facebook status

Halloween Facebook status is a period of festivity and superstition which is extremely terrifying frightfulness and grandly celebrated on every 31st of October in the middle of fall and winter dedicated to remembering the dead. It is one of the most exciting and enjoyable days of the year full of trick or treating, playing pranks, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, scary costumes, parties, lighting bonfires and apple bobbing. During this Halloween we are going to share with you the best Halloween status, Halloween wishes messages and best quotes about Halloween. So, don’t be late to get the latest updated spell bounding Halloween status and messages and share with your friends and family. You may share on Facebook or Whats app or any other social apps.

Halloween Facebook status

Best Halloween Statuses and Messages

Halloween is, by far, the safest day to kill a person and leave them in a chair on your porch.

When I see kids all dressed up for Halloween I always pretend that I have not recognized them 🙂

Tonight I’ll be your bitch! For you I’ll do magic!

I need to borrow someones kid for Halloween. I miss free candy.

86% of Americans decorate their houses for Halloween…that means 14% of America is lame.

Creeping and crawling is no way to get through life, but it is the best way to enjoy Halloween.

Dear Girls, No Need To Do Anything For Halloween. Just Remove The Makeup And Go To The Party 😛

Halloween parties are more fun when you’ve got a few of your scariest friends to share it with.

Even those who are merely beautiful on the inside can be adored on Halloween.

When the weather outside is frightful, being mischievous is so delightful! Happy Halloween!

Are you still standing? A dead man is right behind you. Run! Happy Halloween.

The trick for getting a treat for Halloween is to be a little naughty without being too evil.

You know you’re getting old when you have to have a drink to motivate you to go out & have a drink.

I’m surprised kids haven’t found a way to trick or treat online yet.

I was going to change my profile pic to a pumpkin for Halloween, but it didn’t look that much different from my actual head.

How’s everyone holding up? It’s crazy out there. I’ve killed like fifteen zombies already. Why are they all carrying candy??? It seems to only be affecting the little ones.

What I love most about Halloween is, I get to eat a lot of the candy my kids collect. Life is good. Halloween makes it better. Have a sweet one.

I hope your Halloween is all treats and no tricks…enjoy the candy and festivities!

‘HALLOWEEN’.. the one day I get to dress up and embarrass my kids.. legally. 😛

When I see kids all dressed up for Halloween I always pretend that I have not recognized them 🙂

If you want to scare me on this Halloween day, just dress up yourself as a girl!

Happy Halloween… may all of your skeletons stay in the closet where they belong!

To think that everyone has to find costume for Halloween parties, you only thing you need is to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt, and if you want to give more fear, just let me know and we’ll come together.

If you are wise, never let your love go out on the night witches ride on broomsticks, or vampires will have him/her for breakfast.

If today you go out at night to walk, watch a spirit in the form of man to walk beside you and take you by the hand into the world of the dead.

What are you going as for Halloween? Hopefully it’s something scary, because kids like scary.

Beware this creepy night. Witches, monsters and demons are clothed in crazy costumes waiting to hand you the tricks and treats, candy and horror. Happy Halloween.


Halloween parties are more fun when people come in costumes. After all, what’s Halloween without costumes?

Nothing gives you a better day on Halloween than having a good hair day. Make sure you use a lot of scare-spray.

I hope your Halloween doesn’t suck like a vampire.

I hope you find yourself comforted during these darkening days with the love that shines from within you.

On Halloween, I hope you laugh until you cry, and I hope the Halloween treats you receive far outnumber the number of tricks played on you. Enjoy Halloween to the fullest.

On Halloween night, moon howls and wolves, beasts and ghosts are waiting for you to end the party in your house.Could I Borrow Your Face?

Best Halloween Short Quotes

Eat, drink and be scary!

October will soon be Octover.

Don’t be yourself! It’s Halloween!

Wishing you a very scary Halloween.

There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world.

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Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night. – Steve Almond

If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween. – Douglas Coupland

It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared.

For Halloween I’m going as an invisible person. I will be at all your parties.

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers tis near halloween.

If you walk under the moonlight on this night of Halloween, really safe silhouette of a witch on her broom laughing because the world marks the night in which the living and the dead seamlessly blend.

Have as much fun as a ghost this Halloween. No body has as much fun as a ghost.

Happy Halloween Wishes Messages

When the little monsters come knocking on your door, tell them to scram—forever more! Happy Halloween!

I wish you have a spooky time on Halloween. But don’t get too scared though.

Happy Halloween my little monster. I love you!

May your Halloween be free of pests, people, and poltergeists.

Don’t look now, but there’s no floor beneath you! Oops, sorry! Happy Halloween!

Wishing you a Halloween that screams!

I am hoping you have a great Halloween. Stay safe.

There’s a black cat in window and a pumpkin on my stoop. On the lawn is a ghost and a witch. This tells me Halloween is very near, so Happy Halloween to you.

I hope you have a great Halloween and enjoy dressing up and getting lots of candy! Have a super fun night.

I wish you have a happy Halloween filled with loads of great adventures! May the spirits and witches grant you all your wishes.

Come and ride with me. I prepared this broomstick for us to roam around the place.

Funny Halloween Whatsapp Status and Facebook Messages

When you buy Halloween candy to hand out as an adult, it’s like you are paying for all the free candy you got when you were a kid.

For Halloween I’m going to write “Life” on a plain white T-shirt and hand out lemons to strangers.

Best thing about Halloween is… you can wear whatever you want 😉

Why can’t Ghosts have babies? Cuz’ they have Hollow weenies!

Friend: What are you gonna be for Halloween? Me: Drunk!

Halloween is the holiday of monsters .. then this is your night: Enjoy!

Halloween Costume Idea: Flower Print Scrubs, Sketchers Shape-Ups, Perm. I call it “Not Sexy Nurse”.

When the creepy monsters come knocking at your door, simply open and receive your magical candy.

Passed a vampire, a zombie, and a prostitute on the way to work tonight. Not sure which ones were in costume.

Why can’t Ghosts have babies? Cuz’ they have Hollow weenies!

Tonight I’ll be your bitch! For you I’ll do magic!

I want to wear the scariest costume I can think of to work for Halloween this year, so I’m going as a pregnancy test.

This message goes out to all those who like Halloween. That the great passes beside the werewolf, nonstop dance with the ugliest tomato witch and a picture with the most mischievous ghost, upload to Facebook and scares anyone.

That awkward moment when you can’t tell if it’s a Halloween costume or their regular clothes..

For Halloween I’m going to write ‘Life’ on a plain white T-shirt and hand out lemons to strangers.

For Halloween I’m just gonna wear no makeup and natural hair and go as a monster.

I was going to be a serial killer this year for Halloween, but that’s what I was last year…for Thanksgiving.

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.


Happy Halloween Status and Messages

Happy Halloween! Remember: Do not waste time by mask .. just a coiffed and you’re ready!

The ghosts and vampires are coming to hunt you this creepy night, just go hiding under the blanket. Happy Halloween.

Halloween is a great time to dress up and have a little fun. Happy Halloween.

Have fun dressing up, getting candy, and getting scared. Wishing you a fun Halloween.

I don’t know that there are real ghosts and goblins, but there are always more trick-or-treaters than neighborhood kids. Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun! Watch out for those little goblins running around tonight!

Happy Halloween Everyone hope you all have a great time.

Happy Halloween! Will you come with me on my broomstick, love?

Happy Halloween.. may all of your skeletons stay in the closet where they belong!

Halloween Status and Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend

No ghost will fear me when you are near. Happy Halloween!

You’re one of my favorite Halloween monsters!

Halloween may be a spooky night, but I’ll enjoy it no matter what since I’ll be with you.

‘m glad to have you as my ghoul-friend this Halloween. Happy Halloween.

I am dying to have a great Halloween with you. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoy all the fun festivities and have a super scary costume ready. Save some candy for us!

Halloween is not just a time to scare people or be overwhelmed with the eerie night. It’s also a time to share with those people you love so dear. Happy Halloween!

I will die if I will not have a happy Halloween with you!

My love tonight .. I wish you were a devil to come into my hell.

Just like a ghost, you have been a-haunting my dreams, So I’ll propose on Halloween.Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

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