happy new year in Spanish

happy new year in Spanish

happy new year in Spanish It’s hard to choose a completely unique, heartfelt Christmas greeting for playing cards, letters, emails and different excursion messages.

You want something with character and heat, however it’s all been finished earlier than.

Well, why now not strive out some new Spanish Christmas greetings?

Once you’ve got some festive vocabulary underneath your belt, you can add to the cheer by spreading some Christmas love in español.

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Why Learn Spanish Christmas Greetings?
There are simplest so many approaches you can say “Merry Christmas” in English. The Brits blend things up through regarding Christmas as Crimbo, and wishing pals and family a “Happy Christmas” as well as a “Merry” one. But if you’re now not in the UK, you might get some extraordinary seems speakme approximately Crimbo.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a Spanish-speaking u . S . A . Over the holiday season, you then’re going to need to know what to say to your friends, circle of relatives and the man that sells you newspapers.

For example, it’ll come in handy to recognize what to reply whilst a person says “Felices Fiestas.” Should you reply with “igualmente”? Or ought to you respond like you do whilst a person says “mucho gusto” (it’s fine to fulfill you)? Or is it more of a “y tú también” (and also you too) sort of state of affairs? (The answer: Go for “igualmente” or “igual para ti/usted.”)

These are simply the styles of belongings you’ll want to know to suit in over Christmas.

Even in case you’re now not in a Spanish-talking u . S ., your Spanish teacher, or your Spanish-talking buddies, enthusiasts or conversation exchange partners will definitely admire a message of goodwill in their personal language.

And of direction, double the language, approach double the vacation joy! So get ready to learn how to unfold some festive Spanish cheer.

30 Heartfelt Spanish Christmas Greetings That Go Way Beyond “Feliz Navidad”
Traditional Spanish Christmas Greetings
The greetings you’ll see most usually around the Christmas season are “¡Feliz Navidad!” (Happy Christmas) and “¡Felices Fiestas!” (Happy Holidays). There’s no being merry in Spanish around the Xmas season, it’s all about the happiness.

Other new 12 months greetings are “¡Feliz Año Nuevo!” (Happy New Year), which is often shortened to just “¡Feliz Año!” (Happy Year). Don’t get combined up and say these greetings too soon. Save them till December 31st. Also, don’t forget about that Spanish-talking countries commonly have fun Christmas on December twenty fourth, now not the twenty fifth. They name the nighttime of the twenty fourth Nochebuena (precise night time).

You can also skip in your exact wishes for the new 12 months through announcing some thing like “que tengas un próspero año” (I hope you’ve got a wealthy new year). This is probably an awesome one to write in a Christmas card, message or an email, and can also match nicely in a Happy New Year tweet—although if you’re messaging your severa fans, make sure to change tengas to tengan. If you’re no longer positive why we’re the use of the subjunctive shape of the verb tener here, or aren’t positive what the subjunctive shape even is, see this publish.

If you need to add a touch extra love or affection for your Christmas messages, try something like “con mucho cariño, te deseo una Feliz Navidad“ (with all my love, I wish you a Happy Christmas) and you may tack on “y un próspero Año Nuevo“ there if you want to head all out.

Spanish Greetings for Wishing Joy and Happiness to Others
To move even similarly with the Xmas love, you may desire joy and happiness to those around you with the following phrases:

Mis mejores deseos para Navidad y Año Nuevo.
My excellent needs for Christmas and the New Year.

Te deseo mucha alegría y felicidad estas fiestas.
I want you lots of pleasure and happiness this holiday season.

Que se cumplan tus deseos/sueños.
I hope your dreams come actual.

Este año te deseo amor, dinero y salud.
This yr I want you like, money and proper fitness.

Mucho cariño para ti y tu familia esta Navidad.
Lots of love to you and your circle of relatives this Christmas.

Que lo pasen lindo.
I hope you have a nice time. (This refers to the Christmas celebrations themselves.)

Que lo pasen en familia.
I wish you spend time together with your own family.

You may even cross further by way of including a bit of peace for your message.

Que en esta Navidad el mejor regalo que recibas sea estar junto a tus seres queridos compartiendo paz, esperanza y alegría.
I wish that this Christmas the exceptional present you get is to be close to your family sharing peace, wish and pleasure.

You can switch those around or be more precise about spreading joy over the vacations (las fiestas), Christmas (Navidad) or New Year (Año Nuevo). So in the one about wishing that different humans’s desires come genuine—a totally first-rate sentiment, I’m certain you’ll agree—you could say “Que se cumplan tus deseos estas fiestas/esta Navidad/en el Año Nuevo,” or even be more particular and simply put “en 2016.” (in 2016).

You may also sincerely write one of the above messages, which includes “Que lo pasen lindo,” and then put “¡Feliz navidad!” at the end.

Religious Spanish Christmas Greetings
If you’d like to spread some pleasure of a more spiritual nature, attempt these terms. As earlier than, you can tack on exclusive endings as you want.

Que Dios te bendiga este Año Nuevo.
God bless you this new yr.

Que Jesús te proteja a ti y a tu familia este Año Nuevo.
May Jesus shield you and your own family this New Year.

Que la estrella de Belén ilumine tu vida esta Navidad.
I desire that Bethlehem’s star lights up your life this Christmas.

Que los Reyes (Magos) te protejan.
May the three Kings (Wise Men) guard you.

Apart from the last , that have extra of an Xmas experience to them, you could use the primary phrases at some stage in the year, for any occasion, via simply announcing the first part of the word (Que dios te bendiga) and leaving out the New Year’s or Christmas part.

Note that during many Spanish international locations, the Reyes Magos are said to go to on January 6th, so you can also pay attention references to them, especially round this time.

More Playful Spanish Christmas Greetings
If you like to spread the Xmas love through making your loved ones chuckle, snigger or smile, you can strive these more playful Christmas greetings. (Note that some of these might not be appropriate for the family dinner desk).

Todo lo que quiero para Navidad eres tú.
All I need for Xmas is you.

Nos vemos debajo del muérdago.
See you below the mistletoe. (Be careful where you use this one! There is no mistletoe in Latin America, although some humans may additionally understand the reference through having visible Christmas movies.)

Espero que no te hayas portado mal este año.
I wish you haven’t been too naughty this 12 months.

No le des demasiado al turrón.
Go clean at the turrón (a Spanish nougat sweet).

Toasting on Christmas
As maximum Spanish-speakme families rejoice at the 24th, they toast at midnight. If you unexpectedly discover yourself having to steer the toast, remember the fact that the verb for “to toast” is brindar, so that you can say:

Brindo por…
I toast to…

And then upload on something you want toast to. You may want to say, as an example:

Brindo por un próspero año nuevo para todos.
To a rich new 12 months for every person.

Brindo por nuestra amistad.
A toast to our friendship.

Brindo por los angeles paz, la alegría y l. A. Felicidad.
A toast to peace, joy and happiness.

Or of route, you can simply surely say “¡Salud!“ (Cheers!) or “¡Feliz Navidad!”

We’ll increase a glass to that!

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