quaid e azam pictures for facebook

quaid e azam pictures for facebook

quaid e azam pictures for facebook Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the character within the history of Sub-continent who can never be forget at all.History couldn’t gift a single instance of excellent, extraordinarily wise, utmost sensible and of direction quite a extraordinary leader none other than Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He is the man who lives in each heart of Pakistani. We in reality omit our great chief specially now-a-days! Click on the picture two times to extend. . . . . Quaid azam day facebook cowl images for timeline. Fb covers of 25th december quaid day. Quaid e azam pix down load. Fb cowl photo Quaid e azam charges. Quotes of Quaid e azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah covers. Quaid e azam Day facebook picture loose down load. Download Quaid e azam cowl pics HD. Pakistani flag facebook cowl picture Online. Quaid azam day fees covers.Education quotes Quaid e azam wallpapers. Quaid i azam prices. Quaid i azam rates urdu Photos. Quaid e azam facebook covers.Quaid Day twenty fifth December HD facebook covers. 25 december on line facebook covers.
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Sixty years on from Pakistan’s advent, the ‘father of the nation’ might be deeply upset that his imaginative and prescient has now not been realised.

This week, Pakistan is 60 years old; that it exists at all is due to one guy: Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As the historian Stanley Wolpert noted it’s miles uncommon for one man to change the path of history, rarer nevertheless for an person to alter the map of the world and infrequently all and sundry can be credited with developing by way of force of will by myself a countryside.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah did all 3: on August 15 1947, Jinnah took his oath as the first governor standard of the new kingdom of Pakistan. The different gamers inside the story of independence and partition – Gandhi, Mountbatten, Nehru – are a ways more acquainted than Jinnah, the person Pakistanis discuss with as Qaid e Azam – the daddy of the state.

As a younger British Pakistani growing up in Britain, I knew Jinnah only as a man whom all Pakistanis need to recognize and admire. At the age of 14, my own family visited Pakistan and I consider travelling his marble mausoleum. Back then, I knew very little about the real lifestyles of Jinnah; all I knew was that with out Jinnah there could were no Pakistan and as a consequence the man changed into a hero. Earlier this yr, I back to Pakistan for a BBC Radio 4 programme on Jinnah wherein I travelled across the usa to be able to try to apprehend greater about who precisely Jinnah become and how much contemporary Pakistan resembles the country he envisioned.

One generally scorching morning, I again visited Jinnah’s mausoleum in Karachi, a brilliant white tomb set amongst gardens in which many Pakistanis had been spending a Sunday afternoon with their families. They told me that they have been there to pay tribute to their exceptional chief, however as I wandered via the museum I could not assist but wonder whether those paying homage definitely understood the man to whom they have been paying their respects. Pakistan may also today be a byword for Islamic extremism and army rule, however its founder was a dandyish Anglophile who drove a Bentley, loved billiards and turned into defined through one gushing biographer as “sounding like Ronald Coleman, dressing like Anthony Eden, cherished by most women and favorite with the aid of maximum men”. Did the bearded men and burka-clad ladies realize that their cherished Jinnah loved ingesting and, in step with a few reviews, even ate ham sandwiches?

At the time of partition, Jinnah turned into already a sick guy, ravaged by way of tuberculosis, and he died on 9-11 1948, leaving a nation simplest one year antique. In the years due to the fact that, Pakistanis were arguing ever since about Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan. This changed into a man who fought passionately for a fatherland for India’s Muslims but who, in his inaugural speech as governor fashionable, advised Pakistanis: “You are free to go to your mosques or to every other region of worship on this kingdom of Pakistan. You may also belong to any faith or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the nation.” The longer I spent speakme to folks who knew him and people who had studied him, the more I changed into satisfied that Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan became that of a modern, secular state, and the extra sure I have become that, have been he round today, he could be deeply disappointed on the country he had delivered into being.

Without Jinnah, there could no longer be a Pakistan, but comparing how India and Pakistan have fared for the duration of the beyond 60 years additionally made me marvel whether or not partition had perhaps been a mistake. The human price of dividing India and Pakistan became large, with the finest migration in history and 1,000,000 people killed inside the months main as much as partition.

Sixty years on and modern India is horny, ahead-searching and economically effective; Pakistan, alternatively, stays trapped through the contradictions which caused its introduction and inside the grip of the mullahs and the navy. India has lots of years of history its citizens can cite; Pakistan sits on an historic land however as a country it’s miles more youthful than my mother. Muhammad Ali Jinnah firmly believed that Muslims might suffer in a united India; in this, he could have been correct but whilst you think about the 2 wars that India and Pakistan have fought and the fortunes that each nations have spent on defence spending one does wonder whether or not Jinnah’s faith in separation as an answer was misplaced.

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