remembrance day speech

remembrance day speech

remembrance day speech On Remembrance Day 2019, the commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Michael Hood, spoke at a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) carrier held on the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto, in front of the Mausoleum wherein Lieutenant-Colonel William Barker, a member of the RCAF, and the most embellished conflict hero in Canadian history, is interred. Among the assembled crowd were many college children. Here’s what Lieutenant-General Hood said…

I actually have a daughter not lots older than you, and I know how critical it’s miles to be able to be present at moments which include these, to enjoy the Remembrance Day ceremony, and to be a part of honouring the ones who’ve served our us of a. Which leads me to a vital question:

Why are we here today?

In a few minutes, it is going to be 11 o’clock – the exact moment that the guns fell silent in Europe in 1918. The First World War – the War to End All Wars – was over. Four years of warfare, of death, of worry and of bravery had ended. The Allied Forces – from Canada, Great Britain, the Commonwealth, the USA and greater – had been effective in opposition to the forces of Germany and her allies.

The war’s toll on humanity were sizable – and it become in the end over.

The settlement finishing the conflict become signed at the 11th hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. And ever since then, we have accrued right now to do not forget folks that served and people who fell at some point of that terrible struggle. But it wasn’t the War to End All Wars, as twenty-one years later, the Second World War started out. And from the fall-out of the Second World War came the Cold War – that generation of stressful, armed peace between the unfastened world and the Soviet Union.

And, alas, battle in various regions of the globe continues to this very day. The Canadian Armed Forces have been these days preventing in a struggle in Afghanistan, and we remain worried in different conflicts inside the Middle East and round the arena. Canadian heroes have fought – and maintain to combat – to defend our rights and freedoms.

What are we able to, as ordinary citizens, do?

For nowadays’s sailors, squaddies, airmen and airwomen – we want to help them, assist their households, because we owe them a debt of gratitude for his or her service to this great united states of ours. And we ought to recollect the sacrifices of these who have served or maintain to serve, and we have to be pleased about the liberty we revel in, in element because, as the saying goes, freedom isn’t always free.

That’s why we’re here nowadays, on November eleventh. But why are we here, exactly, in Mount Pleasant cemetery?

As we honour more than one hundred thousand Canadians who’ve given their lives within the carrier in their united states and the lots more who got here home from battle wounded in body and thoughts we acquire at this precise spot because of one character.

Lieutenant-Colonel William Barker become a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force and flew the Sopwith Camel and Sopwith Snipe plane in combat in opposition to the enemy during the First World War.

On October 27, 1918, he determined himself in a war against a formation of sixty enemy plane. He became extraordinarily wounded, but shot down several plane and broke up the formation before crash landing in friendly territory – fainting from blood loss.

It’s no surprise he became called “the deadliest air fighter that ever lived”.

For this movement, Lieutenant-Colonel Barker was provided the Victoria Cross, that is Canada’s maximum award for bravery. He recieved eight different gallantry decorations, and a complete of 12 for valour, and is the broadly speaking quite adorned military member of any provider in Canadian records and in the whole British Empire.

Lieutenant-Colonel Barker survived the battle and had a prominent profession within the peacetime Royal Canadian Air Force and in civilian aviation. He became even the first president of the Toronto Maple Leafs – however I suspect he may additionally have been rolling over in his grave because 1967.

When William Barker tragically died in 1930, his funeral became the most important in Toronto’s records. He was buried right here, in this mausoleum, but over time Canada’s finest airman was forgotten. Then, 5 years ago, a memorial to Lieutenant-Colonel Barker – which I wish you could see on the stairs right here – became unveiled and plaque located inside the mausoleum.

Ever considering then, an RCAF Remembrance Day ceremony has been held right here, to honour him – both as an character and as a symbol of all those who’ve served inside the Royal Canadian Air Force. Canadian men and women have endured to serve bravely and professionally inside the Canadian Air Force for the reason that days of the First World War. The RCAF has fought in times of conflict and guarded Canada in instances of peace.

During the Afghanistan War, Canadians flew risky missions bringing personnel and elements into Afghanistan and transporting Canadian and Allied squaddies in the war quarter. And at this very moment, the RCAF is serving in other risky regions round the arena.

At domestic, we protect and protect Canada and North America and often shop Canadians whose lives are in risk. We additionally frequently fly resource to people round the world who have skilled natural disasters together with hurricanes or earthquakes.

And it’s risky paintings, even in peacetime. Since the give up of the Second World War, loads of airmen and airwomen have died within the provider in their country. We also are right here to recall they all.

In a few minutes you will hear the Last Post played – the track that ends the day for the ones of us inside the military. It can be accompanied by the 2 mins of silence and then the “Rouse” – the song that wakes us up after a long night’s sleep. That may be accompanied through the Piper’s Lament – a bit of track that honours and recollects the fallen.

If you don’t have a specific character to remember for the duration of the 2 mins of silence, possibly you can think of the wonderful freedoms we revel in in Canada – freedoms that many human beings around the sector can handiest consider.

The maximum crucial element is genuinely that we do not forget – nowadays and every day – that we owe a lot to those who have been inclined to sacrifice everything.We will remember them.

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