st Andrew’s day Romania

st Andrew’s day Romania

st Andrew’s day Romania The thirtieth of November is one of the crucial Romanian vacations. It is the day we rejoice Saint Andrew (in Romanian his call is Andrei), the apostle who Christianize our human beings and the protector of our u . S ..
There are many traditions without religious meaning connected to at the moment, a number of them having their origin at the Roman celebrations of Saturn. The Dacian New Year occurred from the 14th of November till the seventh of December, this become the c language when time started its route.
Saint Andrew is seen as an vintage man, because now the Sun is antique and tired too, it has no energy. From the climate this day one can expect if the iciness is going to be lengthy and frosty.

st andrew's day romania

st Andrew’s day Romania

One of the factors that came from the Roman and Thracian celebrations changed into the only about wolves. Is it only a coincidence that we, the descendants of Dacians, whose flag turned into fashioned as a wolf, have chosen the patron of wolves as our protector? During this night time, the wolves are allowed to eat all of the animals they want. It is stated that they are able to communicate, too, but anyone that hears them will die quickly.

st Andrew's day Romania
Early on St. Andrew’s day, the moms go into the lawn and pick tree branches, particularly from apple bushes, pear trees, cherry bushes, however additionally rose -bush branches. They make a bunch of branches for each family member. The one whose bunch will bloom by New Years day might be fortunate and wholesome next 12 months.
On St. Andrew’s night ghosts hang-out and harass the human beings. For safety, one must rub the doorway door with garlic and turn all the dishes the wrong way up. A special birthday party takes area now, referred to as “Guarding the garlic”. Boys and girls collect in a residence with the doorways and windows rubbed with garlic .

st Andrew's day Romania They also placed garlic (3 bulbs for each lady) in a wood tub that is to be guarded until day-wreck by using an vintage female, in a candle-lit oom. They birthday party all night time and in the morning the wooden bath is taken outside and that they dance around it. Then they all take a few garlic domestic as protection in opposition to illness or spells.St. Andrew is the purchaser of the wolves, being the only who protects the human beings attacked by these animals. St. Andrew is likewise celebrated in order that the wolves must stay away from the families or from the vacationers. The salt is charmed and buried underneath the door of the strong. It may be taken out on St. George and given to the farm animals, as a safety towards the wolves and different evil things.Nothing is lent on this day, in order that the products of the sector shouldn’t be stolen. The girls aren’t allowed to clean or to brush their hair.

st Andrew's day Romania

The children positioned apple, pear or plum branches within the water, in order that they would bloom. These will be used on St. Vasile, as a “sorcova”. The women and boys seed wheat and the one whose wheat grew extra could be the luckiest one.
But the exceptional known culture linked to this night is the only about matrimony and premonitory goals. Single ladies must positioned underneath their pillow either a branch of sweet basil, or , better forty one wheat grains.If someone takes the grains in their desires, which means the female will marry soon. They also can plant wheat in a dish and water it till New Year’s day. The nicer the wheat appears that day, the better the year to come back.
All those traditions have no religious which means, however they’re preserved in Romanian human beings’s hearts and they’re observed yr after 12 months.

st Andrew's day Romania

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